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upgraded pages to xhtml5, which didnʼt make much difference. a few minor changes were all that was necessary. i am not in fact using much that is new in html5 yet, tho i plan to try out a few things.


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transforms in webkit, mozilla and presto/opera

here is the link for transitions and transforms in opera 10.5: http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/css3-transitions-and-2d-transforms/


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site changes

cleaning up the page:

  • moved page last updated to bottom of menubar
  • added drop shadow to titlebar for something new
  • sorted top level menus, open top level and highlight current page
  • centered body on page

still to do:

  • add site logo to top of menubar (new one would be nice)


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blog changes

managed to get my site menu to show up on the blog pages by modifying just one file. the spacing might still be a bit of a problem, as the blog pages donʼt recognize the existence of the side menubar. added some padding to the skin div to offset for the width of the side menubar.

it was amazingly easy to integrate the menu into the site.



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2010 site update

installed blog software

updated the web standards page to reflect new developments on fonts in web pages

updated the unicode page to reflect unicode 5.2 stats

things to do:

  • integrate real time site menu into (a) template
  • figure which template best suites each blog
  • check on email notification of blog updates
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